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Rent-To-Own Program


Cole Band Instruments

Rent-To-Own Program

*Rent new band instruments for the price other companies are charging you for used instruments


*1st payment due at signing plus 23 monthly payments and the instrument will be paid off & is yours.  No penalty for early payoff of your instrument.


*Monthly Payments start as low as $40 per month


*Instruments are returnable at anytime during the 23 month period.


*Payments are conveniently debited the first week of each month from your checking account.


*Credit approval is all that is required to get your account activated.


*Standard instrument maintenance is included in rental price.













Cole Band Instruments

3076 McFarland Blvd. W. #11

Northport, Al. 35476




Credit Application for Rent to Own ONLY


Father’s name ________________________ Social Sec. # ______________


Mother’s name _______________________ Social Sec. # ______________


Student’s name _________________Address ________________________ City__________________ Zip _____________ School ________________


Phone: Home ____________________ Work _______________________


             Cell: Father ___________________ Mother __________________


Father’s employer ______________________ Phone __________________


Mother’s employer _____________________ Phone __________________


Driver’s license #: Father _________________Mother ________________


Father’s bank: ___________________ Checking acct? ___ Savings? ____


Mother’s bank: __________________  Checking acct? ___ Savings? ____


Birthdates: Mom __________ age ____ Dad _______________ age _____


Student's School_______________________________________________


INSTRUMENT SELECTED:______________________________________ 


I hereby authorize Cole Band Instruments to check my credit information for rent-to-own beginner band instruments. 

Signature _________________________Date_______________________


Signature _________________________Date_______________________


Print form, complete form & mail or fax to Cole Band Instruments. Fax # is same as store number.